22 Oct Who’s Funding Women-Led Startups? These Sites On Our Radar!

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There is no shortage of negative press about women entrepreneurs in the tech space, and their lack of access to much-needed capital to scale and grow their businesses. But we usually ask question and seek the answers to ‘What’s working?’ here are Miami Caribbean Code headquarters. One of the things we’ve been learning that’s really been working for women in turning their challenges and good ideas into companies creating useful products and services is crowdfunding and women-backed venture capital funds. Below are a few that’s caught our attention and has stayed on our radar.

Female Founders Fund

Born out of her own personal experience as well as what she sees approaching in the future, Anu Duggal founded Female Founders Fund, often called F Cubed, a venture capital fund that promotes female entrepreneurs in the tech industry. F Cubed helps remedy the challenges women face when trying to access traditional venture capital. All of the companies F Cubed has invested in to date are led by talented women. F Cubed is interested in funding where they know there will be impact for startups headed by women. Some area include e-commerce, media, web-enabled products and services, marketplaces and platforms.

Plum Alley

Founded by Deborah Jackson as a platform for featuring women innovators and their contributions as tech entrepreneurs. Plum Alley also functioned as an e-commerce site to help push merchants and members products and services. Today, Plum Alley has evolved with  crowdfunding. This new service came about when members expressed a need to raise more money for their companies or ventures. Another great aspect is that Plum Alley demystifies the money-raising process, which is good because raising funds, venture capital, angel investing and generally all things to do with getting a project funded is still new and overwhelming to many. Plum Alley’s offering of exposure, education and tools is like an all-in-one or one stop destination any woman tech entrepreneur needs today.

Fund Dreamer

Fund Dreamers is a  global crowdfunding platform focused on women and diversity-led projects. We absolutely love their social good mission of being a resource for “underserved dreamers,” and how it easy it is for these global dreamers to get the funding and support they need for their companies and projects. Fund Dreamer accepts 139 currencies as well as bitcoin, and offers low to no cost options to, well, funding dreams! So one can go the DIY route to running campaigns, or get assistance at a low cost. Campaigners can also expect free promotion via social media. Among the dreams that have been funded around the world through Fund Dreamer include a short comedy that puts a spotlight on homelessness that raised $18, 850, and a summer coding camp for young women in Nepal that raised $2,500.