17 Sep What Is A Unicorn?

Unicorn Blog

if you run in tech startup circles, you’ve probably heard the term “unicorn” before. A unicorn is not someone come to sprinkle magic on your startup to help it rise the top. A unicorn is a startup company, and the venture capitalists who fund them, with billion dollar-plus valuations. The term was first coined by veteran venture capitalist Aileen Lee, of Cowboy Ventures.  These companies, which aren’t as rare as actual unicorns, are disrupting industries and changing how business is done on a global scale.

the startup Uber, which has the taxi cab industry fighting hard to remain a standard in transportation, is a unicorn with a current valuation of more than 50 billion dollars. Airbnb is another unicorn valued at $25 billion, and disrupting the hospitality industry all over the world. Popular passion site, Pinterest, is another example of a unicorn with an $11 billion valuation. Snapchat, another unicorn, has a current valuation at $16 billion.

The unicorns are the startups that dominate the news, taking over with their products, services, brilliantly disrupting that way business has always been done, though disturbing in no good way for some. One of the more interesting conversations happening around unicorns is that these billion dollar-plus companies aren’t that rare, and many are concerned if this new tech boom will bust like the dot-com bubble. Another interesting conversation around unicorns come from greentechmedia asking, “Where are the green unicorns?” The site states “green tech remains unpopular and underinvested among VC’s…”

Some predict an end to this magical time in tech. Others say no end in site, but most likely a slow down of the massive amounts of money being invested in tech startups. Whether a slow down or not, Aileen Lee has recently stated there’s an average of four unicorns born every year. Will your startup be the next?

image credits: Fortune