04 May 5 Organizations that are Bringing  the Caribbean Up to Code 

When we think about the Caribbean we often imagine beautiful blue waters, white sand beaches and carnival. Now, there is another word that is becoming synonymous with the Caribbean, and that’s “Tech”. Here are 5 Caribbean Tech Organizations that are changing the narrative of the Caribbean and brining the region up to Code:

  1. Caribbean Tech Entrepreneur Programme (CTEP) helps Eastern Caribbean countries including Barbados, and Haiti address unemployment and under- employment by leveraging opportunities provided by the Virtual Economy. To learn more about CTEP go to their website: http://www.ctep.tech.


  1. The Haiti Tech Summit is a 13-year initiative of the Global Startup Ecosystem that conducts the largest online digital accelerator in emerging markets. The Summit aims to revitalize Haiti’s entrepreneurial economy and reposition it as a global study of catalyzed innovation within an emerging market country. To find out more about this initiative visit the website: http://haititechsummit.com


  1. TEN Habitat is the response to a growing need for a more inclusive approach to how Caribbean startups are supported and funded. TEN Habitat focuses on developing investor ready startups by exposing them to a range of hands-on support that is all about building businesses. To learn more about Ten Habitat visit there website: https://www.tenhabitat.com


  1. SiliconCaribe chronicles who in the Caribbean is doing what where, why and how in tech & innovation, and how it’s disrupting, social media, travel, health and wellness, money and finance, agriculture, education, and various other sectors in the Caribbean. To learn about the great work being done on this platform visit: http://www.siliconcaribe.com


  1. MC² – Miami Caribbean Code is an empowering ingenuity committed to fostering the bridge between Miami and the Caribbean region for Hi Tech trade and investment. MC²’s approach is to help facilitate resources, education, business opportunities and access to capital to empower today’s tech innovators in the Miami-Caribbean region. Our vision is for entrepreneurs and innovators to achieve limitless technological advancements for future business success. www.miamicaribbeancode.com