29 Jul 4 Miami Startups Bring The Heat!


Quite a few startups in and around Miami are heating up the city’s tech scene. They place in top startup competitions for their innovations and take home big funding dollars. All of the  new startup launches and pitch competition wins contribute to the buzz of Miami being the new tech hub where aspiring entrepreneurs, investors and businesses (Hello Twitter) want to be. Following are 4 of our favorite startups generating the buzz and bringing the heat to Miami.


The internet puts information at our fingertips almost instantly. Many turn to the internet first for information when experiencing symptoms of illness, but using Google to self-diagnose illnesses often lead to costly and unnecessary trips to the ER, according to the founders. This is why the ER doctors and software engineers that make up the team at Symptify have come together to create  the digital self-assessment tool. Symptify helps users pinpoint possible causes of symptoms being experienced using general up-to-date medical information. Symptify then directs users on what to do next. If Symptify recommends seeking care, it points you to the closest urgent care facilities, and lets the facility of your choosing know you’re on the way. Symptify recently scored funding at eMerge Americas’ Startup Showcase winning $50,000


Adopt-A-Classroom founder Jamie Rosenberg created ClassWallet which simplifies the process of getting much-needed funding to teachers, PTA leaders, school districts and organizations while eliminating the need to keep track of cash, checks, receipts and other forms so educators can get back to what’s most important: teaching students. ClassWallet just raised $1.9 million in funding from investors including NewSchools Venture Fund and Kaplan Ventures. More than 40 companies that include Amazon, Office Depot, Scholastic and Best Buy accept ClassWallet as a form of payment. Working to make it even easier for educators to manage funding, ClassWallet is currently working on creating a debit card for educators to make educational purchases offline, from professional development to field trips, and the recent funding is helping ClassWallet achieve this.

Coastal Risk Consulting

Due to climate change, Florida properties are more at risk for flooding than any other state, and it could get worse as years pass. Coastal Risk Consulting (CRC), a digital startup out of Fort Lauderdale, is positioned to assist both private properties, businesses and organizations who want to ready themselves for possible flooding damage sinking lands, sea level risings and coastal erosion that storms and hurricanes can cause. By assigning a score, much like a credit score, CRC’s experts in disciplines like geospatial analysis, natural systems, architecture and engineering, work to provide information on just how much a risk one’s property faces in the U.S. and around the world. CRC’s excellence has not been missed. The startup was a finalist in the 2015 Miami Herald Business Plan Challenge, and has partnered with companies like IBM and their Smarter Cities program, and the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.


Targeting the 25 million unbanked and underbanked Hispanic community in the U.S., South Florida-based startup Waleteros, aims to provide a much less expensive and safer solution to fulfill the community’s financial needs with a debit card system as an alternative to the check cashing establishments that many Hispanics frequent. Founder Etienne Gillard, pitched his startup at the second annual GeekTank and won, giving him the opportunity to compete again for more than $50,000. Gillard has planned to launch his app in September 2015, tapping into a $10 billion market.