11 May 3 Unique Funding Opportunities for Start ups

What is the one thing that your start up can’t live without? With both hands to my ears…Yes, funding! Well, here are 3 unique funding sources that could help your Start up:

MicroVentures is an investment platform that helps startups and small businesses raise capital online. Once you apply they will discuss what option may be right for you. For more information about  MicroVentures click https://microventures.com/startups

Next we have Link Caribbean, one of our favorite funding sources. Link Caribbean provides investment facilitation grants to entrepreneurs, as well as non-funding activities to support the development of deal-flow for early-stage investment through the Regional Angel Investor Network (RAIN). Check out all of the resources on their website. http://link-caribbean.com/entrepreneurs/

Finally, we have Rokk3r Fuel which recently launched in Miami. At Rokk3r Fuel they are passionate  about helping founders define the next frontier of exponential technologies. Through their investments, they empower inventors who challenge accepted ideas in order to build new economies and opportunities. To find out more go to their website.  http://www.rokk3rfuel.com